How do I DOWNLOAD your files?

Click on the room you want in the left menu. Then, just click on furniture names below each set pic to get the pieces.

How do I install your custom content (.package )?

First you'll need WinRar to extract the rar files. After download the rar files from SIMcredible, find them on your computer and double click to extract them. You will get a ".package" file from us. Place them under this path: C:\...\...\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

Why there's no "Download full set" option?

Download a whole set is not possible because this option costs us much more money than the usual. We pay for bandwidth each time someone downloads or simply view anything from our site. Each download is counted and discounted from our monthly limit. A whole set is heavy in size file and discounts a lot more from our limit.
Also happens that many users just want some items from a set, sometimes maybe 6 or 7 objects within a full 15 pieces set, and if someone downloads a whole set just to get 6 or 7 objects, means that all other objects were donloaded in "vain"... but we pay for each and any downloads... being in vain or not. That's why we offer each one in separate... to avoid losses.
We need to keep the monthly limit, because if we pass the site is shutdown until the other month, where the limit is reset. We apologize sincerely for this being inconvenient to you. But as we deal with a LiteSpeed Web Server (which is faster than average), it won't be a problem to download each piece in separate. In fact you would be surprised to see how fast it is.

After December 2017 patch, I'm having script failure on some objects like counters and tables. Is there a fix?

Yes. We fixed all needed files to work with this update. The fixed version of each one has a "D17" after its name on the zips. You can redownload them all. Here's a list of what was fixed.
However, if you prefer a quick easy way to fix your files, you can follow these steps. No redownload will be needed after these steps, your files will be updated after this.
1-Create a free account on Sims4Studio
2-Download the Sims4Studio wishes version (or newer)
3-Follow this image tutorial to know how to fix your files.

It's wise to keep your login information saved because, every time EA breaks the files, with Sims4Studio you'll be able to fix them all in the future. ;)

Why do you have support sets?

Because we need visitors support to help paying our host server costs. There's a voluntary donation button on the site but just a few, very few people do it. We tried to avoid donation sets. However, as long as we are bringing more sets, the site's consumption increases. Sims4 objects come with textures included so, the files are larger and larger files means more bandwidth expenses and it is not free for us. That's why we need the help of visitors.

Why don't you upload your files in a free-storage site?

We have our site since 2003. Since than we never ever had a report of people getting a virus or a trojan from visiting our site or downloading our objects. We only can offer safety when the files are uploaded and hosted at our own server. We can't guarantee safe files or safe ads from storage websites. And even if they were safe , lots of them go offline after sometime, have download waiting time for free users, captchas, delete files after a while without a download... it is all very annoying.

Your files work in Mac? Do you accept requests?

As we don't have Mac, we don't know how our objects perform on it. All SIMcredible! downloads are guaranteed fully tested in PCs .
About requests, sorry...we don't have how to take all requests we get. But you're free to express your opinions @ our forum.

What's the program tool that you use to create objects?

For 3D work we use Milkshape. For graphics, Corel photo paint and the Gimp. And to put all these files in game, TSR Workshop and/or Sims4Studio.

Can I upload/redistribute your downloads?

Sincerely? No.
There're a lot of efforts and hard work behind our pieces and we ask you to please play fair :) Don't upload/redistribute our content at any web site, FTP, forum, the sims exchange, e-group, etc...
Same applies for the redistribution of our meshes for the sims and/or any other game or site.
No One will kill you, nor curse you to the lifetime (* sure! * ) ...but let's us seriously think about a simple thing... what is the big deal in steal other's people work ? o.O

Can I include your downloads within my lots and rooms?

Sorry but no.
For the same reason mentioned on previous question since, if you include our downloads within your creations, you'll be redistributing our work. It's OK you use our files and add links for our custom content, but please do not include our objects with your lots and rooms.

You are at TSR. Will you close your site?

NO! Our site is like our child since its born in 2003. As far as we are healthy and visitors help us with their support to keep the site running, SIMcredible will be updated with a FREE set often. It will not change! Even if we are a TSR guest artist, our site will keep being the way it is!

There is a person saying it's SIMcredible in a community I am member of. Is that really you?

There are 4 ways to reach the real SIMcredible work, from the real SIMcredible creators.
•Here at our own site's through our forum
•at our minisite at TSR
•at our Facebook
•at our Instagram
•at our Twitter
•at our Patreon page
Other than these places, it's probably a fake person redistributing illegally our content.

Just to add some info...We are also members in The Neighborhood99 forum and ModTheSims (both as whiteshark80, a former SIMcredible creator on past TheSims1 & 2 times). We have accounts also on Yahoo Groups to add old stuff and on TheSims official page but you will not reach us through these channels because we rarely log in on these accounts.

So, if you are member of another community and there's someone saying it's SIMcredible, let it's a fake.


You're allowed to share recolored versions of our meshes but please DO NOT include our meshes. Add credit and a visible link back to [ ] in the same page of your recolor download. This doesn't apply to support sets. We don't allow the recolor of our support sets since we need them to help us with the site costs. But as +90% of our site is free, recolorists have several sets to choose from ;)


Once again, the same goes for our meshes from TSR ( The Sims Resource ) [click to see our page there] , you're allowed to share recolored versions of our work, but DO NOT include our meshes. Please, be nice and place a proper credit and a visible link back to us in the same page of your recolor download. Linking back is fair and does not hurt anyone :)


We will be converting our own Sims3 sets for Sims4. Sure there're people converting our sets without permission, that's something we can't avoid.
However, we can't take responsibility on these files nor even we can't give any guarantees if other's people conversion of our sets will be working properly.
We work carefully on every single converted file, fixing and adjusting what worked for Sims3 for now work in Sims4. A conversion is likely a new creation for us, because we redo all graphics and change the meshes and mapping in some objects, when we see fit.
So, if you want a properly tested object, working safely and appropriated to your Sims4 game, maybe it is a good idea to wait for our own conversions. Anyway, we let the choice up with the person, since choice is always a personal matter.


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