SIMcredible Files Fixed for December 2017 patch

Make Sure to replace the files.
If you keep both old and new on your mods folder, the game only reads the old broken version.


Lux Radium:Cushions

Energy: Bar, Beams, Bookcase and Counter recolor

Fusion: Chair, Coffee table, bookcase and fireplace

Empire: Chair, stool, bar, fireplace and coffee table

Titania: Shelf


Concinnus: Bed frame and small mirror

Atemporal: Office chair, desk, painting medium, dresser, map, clock, 2 Lamps and bookcase

Alfazema: table, chair and shelves

Go Trendy add-ons: chair and desk

Go Trendy: Dresser and painting (sent through e-mail to supporters)

Keep Life simple bedroom: mirror, wall reindeer, armoire, desk


Verat: Mirror

Keep Life simple bathroom: wall towel, and mirror

Silky Intentions: Mirror, Ladder Shelves, Plant and sink

Modernism Clutter: Mirror

Modernism: End table, fireplace, mirror, toilet paper, shampoos and tub (sent through e-mail to supporters)

Gaudium: Separator, tub and table large

Youth Flooding: 3 Cabinets, shower and towels

Mantis: sink and tub


Connection: Bookcase, curtain, high table and 2 vases

Winter soothing: table + cloth

Cadence: Bookcase, dining table, painting

Color Riffs: Dinette, Painting, Bookcase

Elite: Bookcase and dining table

Velvet: Fireplace

Classis: Bookcase and sideboard


Lux Radium: Counter

Cayenne: Counter and Table + Chair

Keep Life Simple Kitchen: Counter, 2 Cabinets 1/4, Island, Shelf, Tools (sent through e-mail to supporters)

Hacienda: Counter, 2 Cabinets, Cabinet Larger, Sink and Table

Hacienda Clutter: Ladder and rooster

Hemisphere: Counter, Hood, Rounded table and 2 Wall cabinets

Form & Function: Counter, Island, 2 Cabinets and pantry (sent through e-mail to supporters)

Bechamel: Counter, Bowl, Fridge and Serving set

Liscia: Counter, Rolls and TV


Bontempo: Bookcase, Wall art, Separator and Table

Keep Life Simple entrance: Bag

Pump up the volume: Gold Record, On Air, Table

Home Office: Shelf and Table

Craft Space: Desk

Body Language: Trampoline

Office Time: Clipboard box and Magazine Rack

Worry Less: Bookcase, Curtain, Paper rolls and quarter table

Zebrano: Table and Bookcase

Wardrobe stuff: 2 Hats and Clothes


Green Time: Wall Planter

Clarity: Coffee Table

Horizon: Dining table

Inner garden: Bookcase and wall wood (in fountain pieces)


Nature Kids:
Desk, Rings and dresser (sent through e-mail to supporters)

Nature kids decor: Toybox and stereo

Magical Place: Bookcase and House

Donuts: Dresser and toybox

Cotton Whisper: Dresser, Mobile and Toybox

Candy covered: Armchair, bookcase, bottle warmer, crib frame, curtain, dresser, toybox and veil (sent through e-mail to supporters)

Candy covered decor: boxes and drum

Teen edition: table, books and bookcase

Hi-speed: Bookcase, toybox and desk

Wanna bite? : Bookcase, desk and toybox

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