On this page you will find lists of our fixed objects, when a new patch/EP breaks them

We never put a file as "fixed" without proper testing, that's why it takes a bit longer to perform.
Once the game breaks a content, we test each piece carefully and fix them updating for the new expansion packs or patches.
However you need to re-download the fixed versions and replace the older ones for the newest/fixed versions.
If you keep both versions of a piece on your game, it will read only the older version, which is not what we want.
Sometimes things go wrong because the older versions are not properly deleted/replaced.

Browse the list of Fixes

• Fixed/Updated files for University EP

• Fixed/Updated Tubs for Island Living EP

• Major Improvement on Texture fixes part I

• Major Improvement on Texture fixes part II

• Issues with EA's patch (December 13th) Cats & Dogs

• Debug Issue Fix

• Disappearing glass issue

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