Running a website, as well as creating meshes for the game is not free for us.
We pay for website costs and for some applications we use to create our work.
To not mention the countless hours we spend on creation, extensive 'in game' tests and fixes to ensure that you will get a beautiful and safe content from us.

So if you can, please consider send us a small appreciation as an incentive to our hard work ♥ We understand that many people can't support our work momonetarily and we very much respect this.
( If you follow us for some years you know that we value all support we get from you, monetarily or not. All positive feedback we get from you, all likes you give to us, every time you share our work... every bit of your love is sincerely appreciated.)

However if you enjoy our creations, if they beautify your game somehow
making you happy and if you think we deserve, there are now
3 different ways you can choose to support our work :

We thank you in advance if you came to this page 💐🙏💙
Your support helps and encourages us a lot! Much love and be embraced ^^

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