:: Hello Simmers :) ::

As you can tell, we did not update our Support area a single time this year 2018, since we were not able to make the proper time to concentrate focus into a single and long set.
However, we created a Patreon page for those friends who enjoy our creations and can help us to support the site keeping it alive.

We are not closing our Support area!
Patreon is just a different way to support SIMcredible, with different benefits.
On Patreon you can choose different ways to help our site. Each way has its own benefits... but we can antecipate that the long-time asked singleZIP benefit is now possible at Patreon!

:: Some benefits of becoming a Patron ::

► SIMcredible's sets rooms downloads
early access to COMBO rooms ( COMBO=furniture + decor/Extras )
► as said all pieces in a single zip for newest sets (also option for all pieces in a single zip for ALL of our sets)
► and more!
Please take a look at our Patreon page to check it out!

We want to dearly thank you for your kind and precious support to our work ♥ either with support sets or Patreon or a sweet word of love and encouragement... all things your heart sends to us with love, generates more love and we can feel it! So Thank you very sincere! ♥

:: Please note ::

► Benefits at patreon DO NOT include our TSR sets. SIMcredible website hosted sets only.
► There are different levels of benefits which will open + options to download some and/or ALL SIMcredible hosted sets & rooms.
► If you need more info about why we need your support to keep SIMcredible alive, plese click here

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