SIMcredible Tubs for Island Living EP Fixed files list

Make Sure to replace the files. If you keep both old and new on your mods folder, the game only reads the old broken version.

* Thanks to friends Colleen, Judy450 and Danuta for the big help testing :) *

Gaudium tub
Mantis Tub
Mix it! Tub
Silky Intentions tub
Verat tub
Coastal Tub
Onda tub
Natural Camouflage tub
Realce tub
Piece of Heaven tub
Regenerate tub
Tacitum tub
Little bubbles tub
Prime tub
Suddenly Classic tub
Valentines 2016 tub

If you were a supporter of our Modernism Premium set, take a look at your e-mail inbox
(the same one you used on the time of Modernism transaction).
We have sent the fixed version of this tub to all Modernism set supporters day July 19th 2019.
If you changed your e-mail address and/or did not get your fixed version of this tub,
please contact us at our forum or through our social media informing your e-mail address
on the time of the transaction. Thank you!

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